The province of Agusan del Sur lost a political pillar.

The province of Agusan del Sur lost a political pillar.
Valentina Galido “VGP | Nanay Loleng” Plaza answered heaven’s call yesterday. She will always be remembered by the people of Loreto as a woman of exemplary leadership and strong commitment to public service.
Nanay Loleng, the wife of former governor and congressman of the province, late Democrito Otaza Plaza, pioneered the spiritual and moral renewal program in Agusan del Sur.
As Agusan del Sur’s political matriarch, she nurtured the rural development of the province when she took the lead in building numerous infrastructure projects. She served Agusan del Sur until the age of 70.
We are forever indebted to her value-laden leadership. The people of Loreto honor you, Ma’am VGP.
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