Loreto is now COVID-Free

Shining news, Loretohanon!✨

We are now COVID-FREE! As of today, November 5, 2020-10 A.M.:

0 – Probable case (ALL CLEARED)
0 – Suspect case (ALL CLEARED)
24 – COVID-19 Confirmed case (RECOVERED)
1 – COVID-19 Confirmed case (DEATH)
73 – PUM Remaining
2,613 – PUM Completed
2,686 – PUM Line List

However, let’s not just be complacent and let us continue to follow the health protocols like wearing of face mask and/or face shield, maintain 1-meter physical distancing and regular hand washing. Staying at home is also encouraged for keeping us safe.

Together, we can all cope with this pandemic if we will be responsible in following health practices.


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